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Create vibrant fashion highlights and beautiful shine, all in a fraction of the time, with Aloxxi's NEW DIMENSIONS® Highlighting Colour. Offering 1-Step Lift & Deposit on natural and color treated hair, proprietary CDP Complex® conditions hair while depositing and protecting color. Each shade is infused with Illipe Butter to improve manageability and provide superior shine while anti-oxidant rich Sunflower Seed Extract helps protect color from damaging UV rays.

Specifically designed for off-scalp application techniques only
Create natural & vibrant fashion highlights 
Impart extra color intensity, additional vibrancy and lightening

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Levels 3-7 1:1 (DIMENSIONS: Aloxxi 40 Volume Developer)
Level 8 1:1 (DIMENSIONS: Aloxxi 30 Volume Developer)

Apply ColourPrime Pre-Color Treatment to the hair prior to all color applications to optimize color retention.

Off-scalp application only.

Development Time:
30-45 minutes. Fine hair is more receptive to hair color; therefore less development time may be required.

Removal and Post Treatment:
Emulsify and rinse the hair thoroughly with tepid water. Apply Aloxxi ColourLock to cleanse and condition the hair, close the cuticle, and neutralize residual developer. Leave on for 2 minutes. Rinse and follow with the Aloxxi CARE and STYLE lines.

Aloxxi DIMENSIONS may be mixed with ALoxxi Boost for additional lift. Mix 1 part Aloxxi DIMENSIONS to 1 part Aloxxi BOOST to equal amounts of Aloxxi 40 Volume (12%) Creme Developer.
Shades can be mixed together to achieve custom colors.
Color results may be less intense on natural or previously colored dark hair.
On previously colored hair, a strand test is recommended prior to application.
Heat optional. Strand test recommended.

Retouch Application:
Apply Aloxxi DIMENSIONS to new growth area (base) only.
Aloxxi TONES Demi-Permanent Colour is recommended to refresh previously colored mid-lengths and ends.
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