What percentages do I earn on my Aloxxi monthly purchases?

Earn 10% back from every $1 spent

When do my Aloxxi dollars expire?

Aloxxi dollars do NOT expire!

When can I start spending my Aloxxi dollars?

Within 30 days of joining the Aloxxi Loyalty Program you will be able to start using your Aloxxi dollars.

Do all salon purchases count towards monthly purchase totals to earn Aloxxi dollars?

Yes. Sales tax and shipping and handling charges are excluded from monthly purchase totals.

How do I update my salon account information in the Aloxxi Loyalty Program?

Contact your distributor sales consultant to update your account information.

How do I redeem my Aloxxi dollars for Aloxxi products?

Log into your Aloxxi Loyalty account with the "Log in" button at the top right corner of the Aloxxi Loyalty Program website. Once logged in, shop for products under the Product Redemption tab.

PLEASE NOTE: All redemption orders are fulfilled and shipped by Aloxxi

Can Aloxxi products reward orders be paid with a credit card?

Product reward orders are only payable using your Aloxxi dollars.

Why am I unable to complete my shopping cart checkout when receiving the error message "more funds are needed"?

Product reward orders cannot exceed the amount of Aloxxi dollars currently in the salon's loyalty account. Items must be removed from the shopping cart to reduce the total amount of the order that is equal to or is less than the dollars available at time of checkout. You can purchase additional Aloxxi dollars to complete an education order if desired.